This launcher is minimalist, avoids distractions, and is perfect for customizing your Android

Yasan Launcher

It is a launcher that works by artificial intelligence, analyzing the applications that we use the most to display them on the home screen.

The objective is that we always have the apps we need at hand so that we are less distracted with the mobile and make its own use easier. It is a free launcher with outstanding performance, so let’s show you how it works.

Minimalist, well designed and with artificial intelligence

Yasan Launcher

Yasan Launcher is a launcher that only shows us the apps we use the most on the home screen. Basically, it applies a method similar to that of the Google launcher recommendations: if you use an app a lot, it shows it, if not, it hides it. Although this is already done by other launchers, the interface of this one is quite neat.

On the home screen, we have a small box with a 4×3 grid for apps. If we want to access the menu or the list of apps, we just have to give a little touch, and the rest of the settings will appear, with a very careful animation.

Despite being minimalist, the launcher’s customization options are quite complete. Of course, it is not compatible with icon packs
Although up to here it seems simple and minimalist (because it is), the customization options are enormous.

We can configure the animations, change system elements to hide them and make the UI cleaner, choose the apps that will be shown, the ones we want to hide, create folders, leave applications fixed so that they always appear, use gestures, etc.

The list of settings is complete and allows us to choose for ourselves the contents that the launcher shows, in case we are not too convinced by the operation of the AI.

Yasan Launcher is in early access for free on the Play Store and can be downloaded on any Android. It is completely free, but if we want functions such as customizing gestures, and unlocking some extra options, we can support the developer with 8.99 euros.