The Samsung Galaxy S10 receives a large update that brings new features

Samsung Galaxy S10

Many Android smartphone users think that system updates should be regular. Therefore, we, and certainly many of you, are pleased that the regularity of firmware updates has increased drastically in recent years.

This is especially true for larger and more important smartphone manufacturers, but thanks to various integrations into the system from Google, smaller companies can also regularly update their models.

Project Treble and Android One are very good things that are already used in practice today. The former flagship of the South Korean giant, the Samsung Galaxy S10, has now received a very significant update in our country.

The update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 brings many smaller and larger innovations

Our reader Juraj announced the availability of an update for the Samsung Galaxy S10, which includes many major new features. This update brings support for charging via Samsung DeX or the ability to connect to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct.

In addition to the topic of data transfer to an external screen and charging, we will also mention the ability to measure information about the quality of Wi-Fi routers in the area.

This means that after the update, it will be possible to see verbal data about the connection speed, such as “Very fast”, “Fast”, “Normal” and “Slow”. Note that the feature may need to be turned on in the “Display Network Quality Information” setting if you are interested.

However, the topic of Wi-Fi does not end here. Other secondary, minor features have been added. It is worth mentioning the “Require password” button, which will appear on the display if a person near you is stored in the contacts on the device and has connected to the network in the past.

This is an interesting, more complex feature that has been added to the Samsung Galaxy S10 system itself thanks to this update. As for the functionality of the Always On display, it should be mentioned after the new support for Bitmoji stickers on this type of screen.

A few minor improvements for better use

Small tweaks also took place on the Samsung keyboard. One change was received by the camera, more precisely to improve the professional video mode. The messaging application is enhanced with new options with SOS contact. From now on, it is possible to share a location with such a person for 24 hours, with renewal every 30 minutes.

Finally, the Samsung Note app will support importing PDF files. Any manuscript can be added to the computer text, and page breaks and search basically from page number are also supported.

Are you one of those who has already received an update in our region as well? If this is the case, feel free to write it down to us in the discussion so that we and other readers can be sure that the update is already released to users in bulk.