The new Google Lens interface reaches all mobiles with Assistant

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Google has renewed the interface of its application for the recognition of objects, buildings and texts: the new design of Lens is reaching all users. Simpler interface, minimalist style , inspired by the Google camera and with the different sections in the form of a lower menu.

The appearance of our mobile does not usually change if we do not personalize it manually, but the same does not happen with applications, especially those of Google: one day you open an app and it turns out that the design has changed , even without having done any update.

These types of changes are made from the server and taking advantage of Google Play services . And Lens is the last of the services that has received a revamp: its new interface is now available.

Minimal style and GCam-inspired design

The new style of Google Lens was first spotted in July this year . Those first tests were very limited, so very few users managed to get the hang of it . And a week ago 9to5Google captured the evolved interface on more phones, a sign that Google was pushing the boundaries.

After the tests delimited by the now usual ‘A / B Testing’ by Google, the changes are now reaching all users with the update of the Google app. To see the new interface, just open the assistant (hold down the Home button, swipe from the bottom corner of the screen or say ‘Ok, Google’) and click on the Google Lens icon, the one that appears to the left of the screen. bottom microphone: the new Lens interface will open.

Google has improved the design by leaving more space for what the camera captures and eliminating the floating bubbles to change them for a lower selection menu . The chosen option does appear as a bubble; with the option to upload the image from the gallery using the icon on the left. Additionally, the focus area now features a sort of square on the screen as a viewfinder .

All without changing the operation or technical characteristics of Google Lens: the service allows you to translate on the fly, recognize what is on the screen, offer text transcription, solve mathematical equations and search for products just by taking a photo.

The Google Lens update is reaching all users . In the event that you do not yet have the new interface, make sure that the Google app is updated to the latest version.